Residential & Non-Residential Evictions

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Residential Eviction - Costs and Information

Base Possession Eviction

Uncontested Eviction
$ 500 FLAT RATE -Base Attorney's Fee
  • Client Pays all out of pocket costs
  • Includes All Paperwork for Uncontested Possession Eviction
  • Complaint will include unpaid rent damages count in the event you choose to proceed with claim for monetary judgment
Most Common

Contested Eviction

If Tenant Files Response/Answer/Defends Case
$ 200 Additional Flat Fee -per occurrence of Hearing/Mediation/Stipulation Negotiation/Extended Motion Practice/Trial
  • Flat Fee for Appearance at Mediation
  • Flat Fee for Appearance at Hearings
  • Flat Fee for Appearance at Eviction Trial

Monetary Judgment for Unpaid Rent

$ 150 /per hour in addition to Base Fee
  • Reduced Hourly Rate for Unpaid Rent Damages Judgment
  • Not include deposit dispute, or other property damage claims (standard hourly rates apply)

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Broward County Eviction Attorney

Andrew Douglas is a Weston Eviction Attorney handling evictions and landlord-tenant, and all real estate litigation in Weston & Broward County.

Whether you are an small landlord with one or a few rental properties, or a manager of a multi-unit housing complex you will likely need to evict a tenant at some point in time. Failure to pay rent by the tenant costs the landlord valuable time and money and could have lasting effects when the rent money is used to cover the mortgage and other expenses for such property.

We offer streamlined eviction services, and will handle as much as permissible without the need for the owner or manager to do anything or otherwise prepare legal paperwork or show-up at hearings.

Most evictions are uncontested meaning that the tenant will not file paperwork or appear in opposition to the eviction filing. These are the quickest evictions but there are certain procedural and legal requirements to properly evict a tenant.

 Contested evictions are when the tenant is challenging the landlord’s right to evict.

When non-payment of rent is the basis for an eviction the Court will require the tenant to place the disputed rent amount into the Court registry in order for the tenant to be permitted to challenge the eviction. If the tenant fails to place the disputed rent into the court registry the tenant cannot defend the eviction, and the court will issue a Writ of Possession, providing the landlord with possession of the property and legal removal of the tenant from the property.

The landlord may also proceed to obtain a money judgment for the amount in back rent or other damages owed.